Welcome to the Underdog Records wish list.  This is a place for Underdog customers to let me know their most desired records so that a) I can be on the lookout for them when perusing collections, and b) you can be given an opportunity to claim the next incoming copy.  With multiple modifiers, you can make sure you're getting just the type of copy you're wanting, whether it is specifically a white vinyl copy of The Beatles self-titled double album, a Japanese pressing of Dire Straits "Communique", or just a VG or better copy of Paul Simon's "Graceland".

     Each time a used LP comes in at Underdog which meets the criteria you've laid out, you will be notified by email and/or phone of its arrival.  You will have a week to respond and confirm you're interested in the copy which arrived based on its condition, price, pressing, etc.  You can also let Underdog know at that time if you've already found a copy elsewhere and no longer need it, in which event we'll remove the item from our wish list.

     Any time you're notified of the arrival of an item from your want list and Underdog does not hear back from you one way or the other after one week, the item will be put out for stock as normal.

     Our wish list is first come, first served and locals over out-of-owners.  What we mean by this is if two different customers have requested a VG+ copy of The Temptations "Psychedelic Shack", and both are local customers, they who submitted their request first will also be contacted first.  By the same token, if two customers have requested this title, one a local customer and one from Fargo, North Dakota, the local customer will receive priority.  If they no longer need it, or wish to pass on this copy for whatever reason, then the out-of-town customer will be contacted.  Underdog seeks to serve the local community first & foremost while also building a national, even international reach.

     Use the form on this page to submit your title(s) to the Underdog Records wish list.  Please note that both artist and title are required.  Anyone who submits a request such as "Bob Dylan" + "Discography" will not have their entry recognized.  If you truly need 20+ Bob Dylan LPs for your collection, you must submit an entry for each title.  

Name *
What is the lowest condition in which you'd like this item to be in order to be contacted about its arrival in the shop. For instance, if you do not own the title at all and would be willing to spend a lesser amount for a "starter copy", select "Any". If you are only looking for a copy you have no intention of upgrading down the line, select "VG+" or "NM".
Sometimes a customer already has a quality condition LP but the sleeve is cat scratches, or water damaged, or missing entirely. If you're not concerned about the condition of the album but need a solid cover, use this field. You can also use this field if you are only interested in a VG+/VG+ copy of your wish list item, etc.
If you are looking for a specific pressing of the album, please specify here. For instance, please note if you ONLY want a first pressing, or U.K. import, or the blue vinyl edition. If you're not picky, just leave this field blank.
This information will not be taken advantage of; if you're looking for a NM copy of Def Leppard's "Pyromania" and are willing to pay $15, that doesn't mean we're going to price the next copy in our store at $15 and call you about it. What it DOES provide me is the opportunity to have that information when I'm out cherry-picking. If you're looking for an obscure 80s power pop record you're willing to spend $10 for and I come across a copy in my travels that might be priced higher than I'd normally buy for the store but I could purchase it to honor your wish list criteria, it allows me to feel more secure in taking that risk. This field is optional but providing a number does provide a slight edge for the reason cited above.