Vintage Stereo Equipment

Underdog Records carries used vintage stereo equipment in our store in addition to our new and used vinyl offerings.  All used stereo equipment we sell has been tested, in many cases serviced, and is guaranteed to be fully operational and ready for plug-and-play upon purchase.

All used stereo equipment purchased from Underdog Records is guaranteed for 15 days.  If you are not satisfied with the unit or experience any problems with it, returns are accepted within a period of 2 weeks.  Human error (i.e. blowing speakers with too much wattage, blowing a receiver with a built-in turntable pre-amp, etc.) voids this guarantee.

Check out some of our in-stock used equipment below, which we try to keep updated as best we can, and come by the store to try out any piece in which you are interested.  Even if it is not hooked up in the store at the time of your visit, we will hook it up for you so you may demo it.



All used turntables in stock at Underdog have been play tested and are guaranteed to have clean or new needles as well as good belts in the case of belt drive turntables. Check out everything from entry level to audiophile tables in stock here.



Underdog Records only carries used receivers which have phono inputs (except in the rare case of integrated amps). Check out all our in-stock options here.



Underdog carries everything from small bookshelf speakers to large floor speakers. All speakers guaranteed to be in full working order. Look to see what speakers we currently have in stock here.