Introducing Curated by Underdog Records. This is a flexible subscription service with multiple options to best tailor it to your desires while still giving Underdog Records the flexibility to creatively influence your collection with albums we know you’ll enjoy.

How it works…

Browse our multitude of options via the links below. You can select to either receive exclusively used albums, exclusively new albums, or a combination of the two. Then, based on the frequency you choose (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly), we’ll provide you with hand-selected albums based on extra qualifiers you select. You’ll be automatically charged at whichever frequency chosen until you cancel. Our local customers will be able to pick up their curated selections for free in the store, or customers who wish to sign up from outside the local region can have them shipped for $4.50 per package.

Once you’ve selected your preferred package, I’ll send you an email to ascertain a few qualifiers. For instance, if you’ve selected a package containing exclusively used albums, we’ll give you an option to veto some specific genres you never wish to receive. New packages will be shipped or ready for pickup within 5 days of signing up and then again within 5 days of each subsequent charge.

A few points of emphasis…

We’ll never send you scratched records, easy listening, Broadway musicals, classical albums, or other albums typically considered undesirable by the common collector. That said: if you’d like to opt-in on any of these genres, we’ll be happy to accommodate that. All used albums will have been cleaned and will be shipped with poly outer sleeves already provided. We also guarantee that the great majority of all used albums will be VG+, EX, or NM. We will occasionally ship a VG album if it’s a conservative VG grading and we think an album you would genuinely enjoy. It also means that said VG album would normally be priced higher were it VG+ or better.

Even with all these qualifiers and options for tailoring your subscription to your tastes, at the end of the day the idea of the program is to provide customers with records they may not normally purchase for themselves, and we’ll only allow for so many qualifiers to leave us some flexibility to curate each box. We want the freedom to enrich your collection outside of your most familiar zone(s).

Using Discogs…

Discogs, if you’re not familiar, is a free website on which you can catalogue your collection, including specific pressings and the condition of your albums, in order to keep up with what you already have, what’s on your want list, what lesser grade albums in your collection need upgrading, and much more.

Underdog will be asking for every subscriber’s Discogs username (you can elect not to provide this if you prefer). The reason for this is I intend to check each customer’s shared collection before finalizing each package to try and ensure we don’t provide you with an album already in your collection.

Swapping duplicates/undesirables…

If you’ve subscribed to one of the plans that contains new albums and you receive an album you already own or know for sure you won’t enjoy, you will be allowed to swap in unopened records for store credit toward a different item in our store, max of one per package. Customers who are subscribed to this program from outside the local area and having their curated collection shipped, we extend the same offer but return shipping must be paid by the customer. There are no swaps available for used albums.

Check out our different plans…

Start perusing all the options below, where we provide more information about each potential package. If you start with one package and want to try a different one somewhere along the way, we can make that modification to your subscription. If you have additional questions or want any clarification, just give us a call at the store during shop hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 11-7) or send us a note via the contact form on this website.

Underdog Records looks forward to the opportunity to help curate your record collection!


Used LP Subscription

With these options, your packages will contain purely used albums, three per box. You’ll have the option to pick from a $12 or $20 box to receive monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, or a $40 box which is available only quarterly.


New LP Subscription

With these options, your packages will contain purely new albums, two per box. We have several tiers available here, including one for beginner collectors just getting started, one filled with strictly releases from indie labels, and more options based on your interests and where you are in your collection.


Used + New LP Subscription

With these options, your package will contain three albums per box: 1 new and 2 used. To make these options the most manageable, we’ve provided three main options: Beginner collector, Novice collector, and Expert collector.